Looking for an opportunity to own a business that transforms fast food culture? You are more than welcome!

Fresh Post creates balanced, healthy and fast-prepared alternatives to traditional fast foods. Menu, packaging, bar interior – everything is designed in the way so that a rushing customer could get meal either in-house, for takeaway, or get it delivered straight to the office or other desired location.

We appreciate your interest in Fresh Post franchise opportunity and look forward to working with you!


  1. 1
    Why choose Fresh Post Franchise?

    There is an excellent opportunity to capitalise on the unique Fresh Post value proposition which combines the following:

    • Unique business concept of healthy fresh fast food – taking fast food culture to a whole new level;
    • Premium quality product (healthy, balanced and nutritious meal);
    • Exclusive recipe book of a restaurant-like meals to be adapted to the franchisee’s market and local tastes;
    • Unique environment-friendly packaging;
    • Advanced layout design, that has been practically proved to significantly increase overall efficiency of kitchen work, help optimize meal preparation time and maximise profitability;
    • Unique concept of ionized alkaline water used for food processing and offered to customers free of charge;
    • Staff training and motivation program to ensure high quality service;
    • Proven marketing system;
    • Comprehensive training and ongoing support on business management, sales, marketing and other business matters;
    • Opportunity to be part of the environmentally responsible network – and benefit from growing brand recognition in a sustainable way.
  2. 2
    What is the investment to own the Fresh Post bar?

    The investment in a Fresh Post bar varies according to the market indicators and the location plan and features. The range to open a Fresh Post bar including franchise fee, training, furnishing, start-up capital, etc. is between €144,000-155,000 per location. However, the cost structure has to be developed by the candidate in his own business plan.

  3. 3
    What is the best place to open Fresh Post bar?

    Premises have to be located close to the business offices’ area (ideally, in or next to, a business centre). Both, the building and the bar premises have to be in good presentable order subject to periodic improvement.

  4. 4
    What is the optimal ground surface to open Fresh Post unit?

    The initial location of Fresh Post franchise unit should be no less than 130 m2 (this includes kitchen, auxiliary premises and customer zone), and might increase in accordance with the growth of business.


  5. 5
    What is the fee for a Franchise?

    The franchise fee is €15,000 per single unit location.

  6. 6
    What are the on-going fees?
    • There is an on-going Franchise royalty fee of 4 % of gross sales.
    • Franchisee will be required to contribute 3 % of Gross Sales to a Corporate marketing fund.
    • The required Local advertising expenditure will be no less than 2 % of Gross Sales.
  7. 7
    Are there further costs for training?

    The Fresh Post Franchise fee includes the full training. This covers all aspects of running Sales, Operations, Products & Services and other aspects of running your own Fresh Post Franchise.

  8. 8
    How is the training program organized?

    Fresh Post will be assisting you during the whole training program which is divided into 2 phases:

    • Phase I (training provided at a location designated by the Franchisor) will be the 2 days of face-to-face training at Franchisor’s HQ (or another designated place).
    • Phase II (training provided at the franchisee’s location) will last 7-14 days (1 week before soft opening and 1 week after soft opening).

    Such training program assures the successful deployment of business management abilities required by Fresh Post system.

  9. 9
    What support is provided?

    Our complete turnkey approach includes everything to enable you to be operating a franchise (from site selection, design, construction, equipment selection and placement, line operation and kitchen training, marketing to ongoing support).

    By joining Fresh Post, you are not simply becoming part of franchise network – you are becoming part of our family and support driven brand to ensure your success.

  10. 10
    What skills does it take to be a franchisee?

    The franchisee should:

    • Be willing to learn and improve;
    • Be attentive to work process;
    • Have strong orientation towards highest quality;
    • Be self-motivated and results driven;
    • Be dedicated to success.
  11. 11
    Is it necessary to have previous experience in food industry?

    Experience in catering business is not mandatory but it shall be considered to be an advantage. Each investor, no matter the experience he has, will be provided with a complete training and operating manual, along with the guidance of a trained staff.

  12. 12
    Are there some standards or guidelines provided to help the franchisees?

    Fresh Post provides the framework and standards and an in-depth operational manual which have a proven track record so that franchisee can focus on building a successful business.

  13. 13
    How long is the franchise contract signed for? Can it be extended?

    Fresh Post goes with the initial 5-year term for the Franchise Agreement, with renewals after 5 years each (for a total of 25 years). No renewal fee will be imposed.

  14. 14
    Is a franchise brochure available?

    Please contact Fresh Post franchise consultant by email He will be delighted to send the brochures and discuss the opportunity in more detail.

  15. 15
    How can I apply?

    Complete the Application form and we will get in touch with you.

  16. 16
    I have more questions about how to get started, who can I contact?

    If you have additional questions, you can contact our franchise consultant by email

    He will be delighted to discuss the case in more detail.

  17. 17
    Franchise application & evaluation process

    Fresh Post is fully committed to adhering to a 2-way selection process. It is our company’s belief that in order to develop and grow a successful Franchise network, we must ensure that our Franchisee selection process is detailed and robust and that we only recruit people who can deliver our vision, our customer service ethos and our business values.

    Similarly, prospective franchisee must take their time to assess the Fresh Post model, to understand the role and responsibilities of the Franchisee and to ensure that they are comfortable with Fresh Post proposition, business model, market opportunity and the legalities of being a Fresh Post Franchisee.

    The following evaluation process has therefore been developed. The process is open & transparent and is designed to reflect our business values & the importance of the franchise programme for all stakeholders.